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Auxivo Exoskeleton Exosuit Singapore



AUXIVO - liftsuit

Providing Support - Anytime, Anywhere

About the liftsuit

The LiftSuit is a lightweight (< 0.9kg), textile exoskeleton - exosuit that supports back and hip muscles when lifting objects from below hip level, or when working in a forward-leaning position. It is designed to reduce workload, muscle fatigue and exhaustion.


The LiftSuit acts like a set of additional, external muscles to unload the back and hip muscles while lifting as well as working in a forward leaning position. Integrated, specially developed textile springs store energy which is then used to support the user. The solution offers an easy-to-use, small and lightweight support system that users can wear without being constrained. Users can activate, deactivate and adjust the support manually on demand.

Auxivo - Carrysuit

The CarrySuit is a passive, upper body exoskeleton that reduces the load on the hands, arms, shoulders and back when carrying and holding heavy loads. It consists of a rigid exoskeleton frame, spanning from the user’s hip to above the shoulders. It can be directly connected via an adapter to external payloads.

The CarrySuit exoskeleton transfers the weight of the payload to the user’s hip, bypassing critical joints like the wrist, elbow, shoulder and the spine and relieving the muscles in the torso and upper extremities. Heart rate and muscle activity measurements have shown that the CarrySuit can significantly reduce the load on the users' musculoskeletal and cardiovascular systems. The result is that the work is much less exhausting and strainful.

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