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Skelex Exoskeleton Singapore

SKelex 360-XFR

The Ultimate Exoskeleton for Overhead Work

Be your ultimate

Empower your workforce and enable them to surpass their human potential with Skelex

Motivated by human potential

There still exists a gap between automation and the 'common work'. We believe that with the right support, industrial workers can be safer, stronger and less prone to work-related injuries. By combining the understanding of engineering, design and the human body, Skelex created the upper-limb exoskeletons for industrial workers – improving their effectiveness in overhead work and boosting long-term health and safety.


Simple, yet powerful – Skelex Exoskeletons are powered by a proprietary FlexFrame Technology. The FlexFrame adapts to the user’s body shape, supporting biological movement of the shoulder joint and transfers weight to the lower body. It stores and releases energy in an intelligent manner to compensate for gravity, ensuring comfort and long-term well being of users.

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